Sound financial planning creates the foundation for personal and family prosperity and peace of mind. Few of us, however, have received any formal training in the basics of financial planning. It’s never too soon or too late to get started.

Financial planning is a hot topic on the Internet. You’ll find literally thousands of websites doing everything from hyping their often overpriced or useless “services” to providing genuinely useful and accurate information. Those we recommend are by no means the only sites with reliable, useful info—but they offer a great place to start and meetStraightTalk’s tough standards for sound, no-hype consumer information.

Online Resources on the Basics of Financial Planning
These websites represent a few of the best information sources to help you increase your knowledge of the basics of Financial Planning. (You’ll find additional topic-specific resources in our sections on Retirement, Insurance, and Estate Planning.)

Is Using a Financial Planner Right for You? Tips for Making a Sound Decision
These resources provide an overview of professional financial planning services and helpful information for deciding what’s right for you.

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