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Corning CU and FoolProof Financial Education Systems offer you a wide variety of free, online educational tools. They are all highly educational, online, interactive, self-paced & fun to work through!

Educate yourself, your kids, your students or your employees. These programs will teach anyone the core financial literacy skills one needs in life.


FoolProof is endorsed by the National Association of Consumer Advocates and the Consumer Federation of America.

FoolProof for High Schools

What we offer: up to 22 hours of free, online, turnkey, video-driven, self-grading financial literacy instruction. And young people do all the teaching.

You can use one "module" or you can use the entire curriculum.

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FoolProof Solo

Like it or not, money and credit will rule your life.

FoolProof Solo puts you in charge of both your money and your credit. We teach you how to make wise decisions based on facts.

Don't know much about money and credit? Want to learn about budgeting & saving?

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FoolProof for Parents

Ever worry about your kids or grandkids and money?

FoolProof puts you in charge of the financial education of your high school or college-age kids.

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FoolProof WorkPlace

The FoolProof WorkPlace program is created to help consumers who enter the workplace directly without going to college or even graduating from high school.

The program is designed for use by businesses who employ a large number of young workers.

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