The Benefits of Journaling

Okay, think of journaling. What is the first thing that comes to mind? It's likely that it has something to do with "Dear Diary" and high school-sweethearts... Am I right...? If you have read our article about 21st century skills, your thoughts may be a little different, however.

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Improve Your Web Browsing With These Tips

September 2018

The Internet can be wonderful tool as it provides you with a lot information and entertainment, right at your fingertips. However, there can be many frustrations and security risks associated with browsing the web. So what can you do to help improve your experience and your security? The following tips provide some information on what steps you can take.

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Giving to Disaster Relief? Read These Tips First

Natural disasters have been in the news recently. Wildfires in California and Montana. Flooding in the Northeast. Tornados in the Midwest. Hurricane season has been quiet so far but the peak time is still to come. When natural disasters occur, appeals for help follow. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of charities ranging from small to large, local to multi-national.

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Pros and Cons of Paying Over Time

August 2018

How often do you choose to pay for something over time? Consider when you've decided to use a loan or credit card to pay for something - these are both instances where you pay over time. Choosing to pay over time can be convenient; however it can also be costly if you don't consider interest, fees, and other charges. To ensure you are saving your money, try to minimize the amount of interest you pay by paying off the debt as soon as possible. There are situations in which paying over time is the right choice, but many more situations when it is not.

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FoolProof Yourself for the 21st Century!

Use caution. Question sellers. Rely on research.

Sound familiar? Great! FoolProof's mantra is a good one for you to keep in mind. Why? Because it represents skills you need to survive in the 21st century... J

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Reduce Your Risk of Being a Victim of Auto Theft

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a motor vehicle is stolen approximately every 41 seconds. That adds up to over 750,000 motor vehicles a year. Whether you own a car, pickup truck, SUV, or motorcycle, your vehicle could be at risk. These tips can help you reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen.

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How Brushing Scams Can Swipe You under the Carpet!

Have you seen our recent video on whether you can trust online reviews or not...? With brushing scams coming into play, the answer is a plain "no."

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What You Should Know About Cell-Phone Account Fraud

Cell-phone account fraud is a rapidly growing threat to your privacy and financial well-being.

Criminals open up a phony cell-phone account in your name or transfer your phone number to a fake account. They then use it to access your bank account, sign up for credit cards or sell the phone number for other criminals to use.

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Digital Assistants, Data Collection and Your Privacy

July 2018

As the popularity of digital assistants and social media sites such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, Amazon, Google, and Facebook continues to grow, it’s important to take the time and understand what happens with the information you are sharing. Though these services have their differences, each of them shares the common feature of saving the information about ourselves that we provide. Depending on the service, the information can include what we've searched for, what we've bought, what we've shared, what sites we've visited, where we've been, photos, documents, and much more. In some cases, we have chosen to provide or store this information, but there are instances where information has been collected without our explicit permission.

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Do You Have Oversight of Your Finances?

Many people are struggling to keep track of their money, their bills, etc., and this is nothing new. How often have you been short on cash or forgotten to pay a bill?

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Options for Reducing Debt

June 2018

Credit card debt can be a difficult thing to manage. To add to the situation, those dealing with debt are often inundated with debt consolidation offers that claim to help reduce or eliminate debt easier and faster. Typically received in the mail, these offers use teaser lines to make the loan look like the perfect solution for you and your debt. At a closer look, these offers really lack the information you need to make a sound decision with your debt. In this report, we will take a look at these offers and highlight some alternatives to help you get out of your debt.

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Why Am I Receiving All of These Privacy Policy Update Notices?

Over the last several weeks you have probably been receiving notifications about privacy policy updates by email and pop-up messages from websites and apps. Why are you receiving these? As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has gone into effect in the European Union (EU).

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Gas Prices Hurting Your Wallet? These Tips Can Help

Have you noticed higher gas prices at the pump recently? Gas prices are rising and they are expected to continue their upward trend for a while. The following tips can help you save money and gas whether you are running around town or going on a road trip.

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A Sale!!! From Now Until... Forever!

Have you ever seen a store that does not have a sale going on? Best discounts now! This weekend only: enjoy the lowest prices, guaranteed!

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