Impacts of the CARD Act

credit-card-checkupNew credit card survey reflects the impact of the CARD Act

The new survey from Consumer Action shows that rates and some fees are up. It also provides details on the CARD Act changes.


New Year's Biggest Privacy Risks

online-cautionThe New Year's Biggest Privacy Risks

Use these tips to protect your privacy from behavorial targeting, Smartphones, eBook Readers, and additional technologies.

Top Vehicle Safety Picks of 2011

366 vehicles are winners of 2011 TOP SAFETY PICK award

This award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recognizes vehicles that do the best job protecting people in front, side, rollover, and rear crashes based on the Institute's tests.

Time is running out for some tax credits for Energy Efficiency Home Improvements.

Tax credits that expire on December 31st include HVAC, roofing, insulation, windows, doors, and skylights.

Resisting the Online Tracking Programs

iStock_000001151188Small_200Resisting the Online Tracking Programs

Do you think cookies are the only tracking programs you need to be concerned with? They aren't. This article from the New York Times, describes other tracking programs that are being used and how you can control them.


Center For Responsible Lending has new Consumer aid, Signs Of Predatory Lending.

It's easy to check for signs in six areas including car loans, credit cards and mortgage loans.

Fisher Price 11 Million Product Recall

fisher_price_recallsFisher Price recalls over 11 million products, most for younger children. Recall period from 1990.

This news item from Consumer Reports describes the recalls which include high chairs, trikes, and infant toys.

Beware of "Here You Have" or "Just for You" Emails


here_you_haveHave you received an e-mail with the subject "Here You Have" or "Just for You"?

If so, delete it. It's a virus. Read more about it in this ABC News article.

More credit card protections for consumers went into effect August 22.

These changes cover penalty fees, late fees, inactivity fees, explanation of interest rate increases, and re-evaluation of recent interest rate increases.



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