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Effortless New Ways to Buy and Finance a Vehicle

Watch Out, though, effortless does not guarantee cheaper or better.

September 2017

If you’re like a lot of people, a visit to your local car dealership isn’t much fun and can be extremely overwhelming.

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DNA Testing and Your Privacy

August 2017

Have you considered DNA testing to determine your ancestry, health risks, or for other reasons? The direct-to-consumer DNA (or genetic) testing industry has been growing rapidly. There are many companies that provide test kits that allow an individual to submit a sample of saliva or blood and receive a report several weeks later. Here are some important things you need to know before you opt for testing.

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Scams That Are Easy to Fall For

July 2017

Scams are so common today that most of us think we’ve learned to identify and avoid them. Well that may be true with some of the more well-known scams, but more and more scams are becoming less obvious and better disguised, making them easier to fall for. Every day, smart, savvy people get trapped by the following scams. Take a look at these scams and how they work so you can find out how to protect yourself from them.

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Traveling Soon? Check Out These Tips

June 2017

Do you like to travel, or are you planning to travel soon? If so, take a look at this report which highlights some great tips that can help you plan your next adventure and save money.

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Concerned About Your Privacy Online? Try These Tips

May 2017

Everyday there seems to be another threat to your privacy online. Your privacy is threatened by advertisers and social media tracking you online, the collection of your browsing and search history by various sources, the collection of your data by Internet service providers (including your wireless provider) and many other methods that collect our personal information.

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How Do You Pay Your Bills?

April 2017

We all have bills to pay, and we all have our own method of paying them. Some people choose to write checks, some choose to pay online, and some choose a combination of both. What method works best for you?

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