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Buying a New Car? Sell Your Vehicle Yourself for More Money

October 2013

Would you prefer to pocket your vehicle resale profits by selling your car to an individual rather than trading it in at a dealership? If your vehicle is older, but nice, reliable and paid for, selling it yourself may make particularly good sense. Many people are looking for very affordable, reliable transportation. So you can take a vehicle that a dealer might give you just a few hundred or thousand for and make more money.

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Banking By Smartphone or Tablet? Make Sure You Do It Safely.

Do you use mobile banking? If so, you are part of the growing number of consumers who do. According to a March 2013 report from the Federal Reserve, 87% of the U.S. adult population has a mobile phone and 52% of those are smartphones. Of those consumers with smartphones, 48% had used mobile banking in the previous 12 months, which was up from 42% from the December 2011 survey.

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Don’t Let These Scams Steal Your Personal Financial Information

Thieves who want to steal your personal financial information and your money never sleep. Every day, hundreds of thousands of scam emails and phone calls target unsuspecting consumers. The following three scams are widespread right now. Here’s how to identify them and how to protect yourself and family members.

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Saving for College? Consider a 529 Plan’s Benefits

July 2013

Saving for higher education is cheaper than borrowing for it, no matter what loan interest rates do in the future. That’s true whether you are saving for a child, a grandchild, a relative, a friend or even yourself. State-administered 529 savings plans offer a number of useful benefits. Let’s take a look.


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What Insurance Do You Need at Each Life Stage?

Starting Out, Building a Family, Established, Retirement

June 2013

Having the right insurance can help protect you, your family and your property against unexpected and potentially financially disastrous events. When a major problem strikes—for instance, an auto accident occurs, an illness or accident involves you or a family member, a storm hits your home—having the right insurance can protect your from major financial loss and often lower emotional stress.

Insurance needs aren’t static, however. As your life and that of your family changes over time, insurance needs also change. This reports profiles some important points and questions to consider for each important type of insurance at various life stages. We’ll look at auto, health, home, life and other types of insurance.

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Make 2012 Contributions to or Create an IRA Now—‘Til April 15

March 2013

It may be March 2013, but it is not too late to make a 2012 contribution to your IRA—Individual Retirement Account. If you don’t have an IRA, you can create one now. You have until April 15, 2013, to make 2012 contributions to an existing or new IRA. An IRA provides individuals with a way to save money for retirement and to save on income taxes. Having an IRA can be an important retirement savings tool no matter your age or employment status. Why not take a moment to check out these basics?

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