User Reviews

What teachers say

"FoolProof is a great teaching tool to foster student learning in financial literacy. The music, videos and interactive games engage students right where they're at today in terms of technology and keep them focused on this critical material."

~ Sandy Deiseroth,
Business & Marketing Instructor,
Horseheads High School

"Thought provoking. FoolProof gives students a solid start to exploring the world of personal finance, including the ever critical credit and debt. Overall, a great curriculum supplement!"

~ Ryan Alo,
Business Teacher & FBLA Advisor,
Southside High School

"Young people get very excited learning from people close to their own age. The students also love to learn on their own and at their own pace. FoolProof allows them to do this while providing a high quality learning experience."

~ Jake Browarski,
Business Education Teacher,
Park High School

"The number one thing that makes FoolProof 'number one' for me: the FoolProof team listens and REACTS to any suggestion or problems. Support is so important on the user end. FoolProof's support is dreat!"

~ Anette LeMieux,
Business Education Teacher,
Arrowhead High School

"This program is a great idea to get students truly involved in their own learning process. Written in simple terms so it can be easily read by all, it is truly designed to create a 'FoolProof' student who can make positive financial decisions in the real world. I have definitely seen how high school students would benefit immensely from this program before they enter the real world. This program would be an asset to any school's business program."

~ Adam Robinson,
Special Education Teacher
Corning East High School

What students say

At the end of the core eight modules we ask students to rate us. Students fill out the evaluation form anonymously.

  • "They were so easy to understand and they taught me a lot that I didn't know...but it's stuff that I really need to know!"
    16 year old student
  • "I liked that the modules were kinda fun. I like the brakes within the modules. They are a lot easyer to follow then the teacher talking."
    15 year old student
  • "I liked how they all explained everything really well. I wasnt expecting for them to get down to every little detail but sure enough they did."
    13 year old student
  • "I liked that they were easy to understand. This stuff is difficult to just learn from a book or a lecture, and you made it easy for me to comprehend! Thank you!"
    18 year old student
  • "They all would help me with understanding those tasks now but I would later in life use them."
    14 year old student
  • "They are very simple and easy to understand. They get to the point and don't drag on forever."
    16 year old student
  • "I like that there in form i understand and in text that im used to.. i like how they show different ways on teaching us whether it is video,reading,fill it ins or random test questions."
    16 year old student
  • "I like how the modules explain everything step by step..and lets you make your own decisiones then lets you see the mistakes you've made."
    16 year old student

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